Meet Our staff




Senior Pastor //

After serving as campus pastor in Richland Center for almost two years, Scott accepted the position of Senior Pastor of Hidden Valley Community Church in July of 2017. 

Favorite drink: Coffee in the winter and lemonade in the summer.
First job: I delivered pizza during college.
Perfect day: Get up early, eat a big breakfast, go exercise and then something with my family.
Favorite food: Chicken biscuit gravy and pumpkin pie.
Dream car: Black Chevy Blazer.
What inspires you: Passionate people with a clear vision.


Lori Bailey

Financial and Administrative Assistant //

Lori joined the staff in May of 2012. 

Favorite drink: Water with a ton of crushed ice and a slice of lemon.
Perfect day: Going for a walk on a crisp fall day with all the tree's leaves in peak color.
What did you want to be when you grew up: Veterinarian
Favorite food: Moose tracks ice cream.
Who inspires you: Hospice workers
Favorite job: Doing laundry and hanging it outside - there's nothing like that fresh air smell on sheets when you crawl into bed at night.

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LoriE Rule

Video & Graphics //

Lorie joined the team in May of 2010.

Favorite thing to do: Laugh.
Favorite job: Mowing. No kidding, I live life on the cutting edge all summer long! A freshly mowed lawn makes my heart happy.
Favorite pastimes: If I'm not fishing or hunting, you'll find me in my kitchen preparing whatever we've caught. I'm passionate about healthy eating - harvesting or growing our food vs. buying it from the store is what it's all about!



Interim Worship Leader //

Terri joined the staff in January 2018.

What inspires you? Hearing other's stories of what God has done in their lives. I love how God works in different situations.
Favorite Pastimes: Spending time with my 4 grandkids; camping or should I say "Glamping" ~ I did the tent thing.....not for me. That's why we have a camper! We have met so many people and have made some long-lasting relationships through our "Glamping" trips!
Favorite Food: pepperoni and mushroom pizza
Perfect Day: Either going for a walk or a drive in the fall when the air is crisp, the sun is shining, the leaves are in full color and my husband is by my side. Then seeing my grandkids and absorbing their hugs and love!

Renata Feiner

Communications Coordinator //

Renata joined the staff in January of 2018.

Favorite Drink: A hot chai tea with honey.
First Job: I had the joy of cleaning rooms at my parent's motel.
Favorite Food: Anything with sugar. I am convinced we all have a separate stomach just for desserts!
Who Inspires Me: I do mission work in Guatemala and am so extremely inspired by the people I meet there. They have so little but are so welcoming and gracious. Truly happy people who have great faith in Jesus and are a joy to be around.
Favorite Job? Being a grandma! I take care of my granddaughter, Zayda and it is so fun! I often tell people God has us be parents before grandparents because it's so rewarding and fun that we'd never want to parent after being introduced to grandparenting.
Favorite pastimes? Most often you will find me with my nose in a book. I love to get lost in a good story, research or learn something new.