June 21, 2018

What do these 3 things have in common?  Caskets, tombstones and Psalm 23? We think they are all about funerals. Psalm 23 is much more than a funeral Psalm. It’s a story about a God who is a Shepherd, Dinner Host, and Traffic Cop. Join us on Sunday at 9:00am to learn more about it.

Summer in the Psalms - We are continuing through our summer reading plan, Summer in the Psalms. There is still time to join us - just start right where we are at. The weekly sermons coincide with this reading program so it is a great way to stay connected to God all summer long! The reading plan can be found here.

Can you try a Sunday volunteering in KidZone? We are looking for volunteers to periodically help us out in KidZone this summer. You will get to play, watch and help our kids (primarily toddlers) learn. The summer program is all set up and so easy to help with. You don’t need any special training, just a love for kids. For more information on how you can get involved in the nursery and preschool, email Daryl at daryl@hiddenv.com. Thanks in advance!

This is the last week to register for this year’s Global Leadership Summit with the Early Bird Rate! Join us August 9-10 for two days of world-class leadership training. “Every year I look forward to the tradition of attending the Global Leadership Summit hosted by the Willow Creek Association,” said a past attendee. Another said, “This is the one event that I prioritize on my calendar and make sure that I attend every August.” Comments like these are common among past attendees because the Global Leadership Summit it packed full of quality information that everyone can learn from and apply.

Investing in these two days will positively affect your work and home life. When the conference ends, participants always walk away encouraged, challenged, and blessed. If you are a leader, manager, volunteer, employee, parent or friend, you want to attend this summit to grow your influence and  leadership potential in ways you may have not thought possible! Don’t miss out! Grab a friend, coworker or both and save money by registering early for $89 (using code PV2018) until June 26 when the price will increase to $119. For more information or to register, please see our website.

Let’s give back a little to thank Emergency Workers big! - As you know, this month’s serving focus is buying a cup of coffee for our local First Responders. These people are the ones we depend on to be there when we have an emergency. We want to make sure they know how much they are appreciated and that we value their sacrifices to help us and our families in times of crisis. Drop a dollar in the collection jar, and we will make sure to say “thank you” with coffee!

The HVCC Staff