Feed My Starving Children
Mobile Packing Event update

March 6-8, 2018

Feeding the Hungry in our World, One Teaspoon at a Time

Of the 186,624 meals that we packed at our FMSC event:

  • 792 boxes (171,072 meals) were shipped to Haiti through the 'Food for the Poor' organization ~ they distribute FMSC meals in the Caribbean, Central America and South America
  • 72 boxes (15,552 meals) were shipped to Haiti through the 'Love A Child' organization ~ they distribute FMSC meals to children in Haiti through schools, feeding programs, and orphanage and medical outreach to remote communities and more than 60 missionary organizations in-country

Our community should be very proud that they were instrumental in providing life-saving meals to starving children in Haiti!


Want to feed the world? Open a quart-sized plastic bag. Add a scoop of vitamin-fortified, chicken-flavored powder. Add dehydrated vegetables, a scoop of soy nuggets, and one of uncooked white rice. Seal the bag and send it overseas. You have just provided a balanced meal for a family of six or half a dozen schoolchildren in a poor country.

From March 6 through March 8, Hidden Valley’s auditorium rocked with activity as more than a hundred volunteers at a time packed hundreds of meals a minute. The food, purchased by local donations, was provided, along with equipment and professional supervision, by a mobile packing unit of Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), a Minnesota-based Christian relief ministry. This is the fourth FMSC event that Hidden Valley has hosted since 2009.

When the event was over, over 850 people from Dodgeville, Richland Center, Spring Green, Mineral Point, Cobb, Barneveld, Iowa Grant and other Southwest Wisconsin locations had packed 186,624 meals for FMSC’s hunger relief efforts around the world. The semi-truck load of packaged dry food will feed 511 people for a year.

Volunteers worked for two-hour shifts. Each session began with a presentation about Feed My Starving Children: its origins when a Minnesota businessman who witnessed starvation began to do something about it; its work with food scientists to design a palatable, nutrient-rich meal mix for pennies a serving; and its steady growth, leading to the shipment of over 73 million meals last year.

Everyone donned hairnets and disinfected their hands. At each 15-person “packing station,” some were bag openers, others scooped food into bags, still others weighed each bag – no less than 380 grams, no more than 400 – while the rest sealed, packed, moved, weighed and stacked cartons by the hundreds. The sound system pounded out rock music while everyone laughed and talked and worked.

Having volunteers do the packing achieves several goals. First, it keeps costs low – according to the FMSC website, volunteers proved to be not only cheaper but better than automated packing equipment. And it gives people a chance to be blessed by serving. At events like the one in Dodgeville, it also builds community. FMSC does no advertising, and its overseas partner organizations pay to ship the food. Thus 94 cents of every dollar given to FMSC goes to buy food.

"We were given the opportunity to make a difference in starving children's lives and the community once again heeded the call! My heart is overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from so many different people from students and teachers of various schools to parents, EMT groups, corporations, various church affiliations and businesses who gave of their time to pack meals and monetary resources to participate in this life-saving event. And some of these folks came more than once throughout the event to do even more!

We exceeded our meal-packing goal because of the wonderful, caring, loving hearts of our awesome surrounding communities ~ so to all of you please accept my humblest and sincere THANK YOU!! Because of you children who would have died of starvation will be fed and their lives will be full of hope, love, and a future" - Terri Weier, HVCC-FMSC MobilePack Chairperson