Meet Our staff


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Senior Pastor //

After serving as campus pastor in Richland Center for almost two years, Scott accepted the position of Senior Pastor of Hidden Valley Community Church in July of 2017. 

Favorite drink: Coffee in the winter and lemonade in the summer.
First job: I delivered pizza during college.
Perfect day: Get up early, eat a big breakfast, go exercise and then something with my family.
Favorite food: Chicken biscuit gravy and pumpkin pie.
Dream car: Black Chevy Blazer.
What inspires you: Passionate people with a clear vision.


Derek Mason

Worship and family pastor //

Derek joined the staff in August of 2019.

Favorite Drink: Coffee
First Job: Janitor at a dry cleaner
Favorite Foods: Pizza, ice cream and cookies (not together, though!)
Favorite Pastimes: Golf, reading the Bible and playing music
What Inspires you: God’s presence - when He shows up in our lives.


Lori Bailey

Financial and Administrative Assistant //

Lori joined the staff in May of 2012. 

Favorite drink: Water with a ton of crushed ice and a slice of lemon.
Perfect day: Going for a walk on a crisp fall day with all the tree's leaves in peak color.
What did you want to be when you grew up: Veterinarian
Favorite food: Moose tracks ice cream.
Who inspires you: Hospice workers
Favorite job: Doing laundry and hanging it outside - there's nothing like that fresh air smell on sheets when you crawl into bed at night.

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LoriE Rule

Video & Graphics //

Lorie joined the team in May of 2010.

Favorite thing to do: Laugh.
Favorite job: Mowing. No kidding! I live life on the cutting edge all summer long! A freshly mowed lawn makes my heart happy.
Favorite pastimes: If I'm not fishing or hunting, you'll find me in my kitchen preparing whatever we've caught. I'm passionate about healthy eating - harvesting or growing our food vs. buying it from the store is what it's all about!


Renata Feiner

Communications Coordinator //

Renata joined the staff in January of 2018.

First Job: I had the joy of cleaning rooms at my parent's motel.
Favorite Food: Anything with sugar. I am convinced we all have a separate stomach just for desserts!
Who Inspires Me: I do mission work in Guatemala and am so extremely inspired by the people I meet there. They have so little but are so welcoming and gracious. Truly happy people who have great faith in Jesus and are a joy to be around.
Favorite Job? Being a grandma! I take care of my granddaughter, Zayda and it is so fun! I often tell people God has us be parents before grandparents because it's so rewarding and fun that we'd never want to parent after being introduced to grandparenting.