May Serving Focus


Summer Day Camp is right around the corner. There will be plenty of kids running around our building and you can help in unexpected ways. Some children need scholarships and we will be needing lots of supplies as well. You can help by bringing in snacks from the list above or by giving a monetary donation and we will buy the snacks for you.

You can also make a scholarship donation or donations for needed supplies. We are looking for things such as water balloons, squirt guns, sand buckets, cookies, cracker packs and freezer pops. To see the full list click here. You can drop off your donation into the bin by the front doors. Thanks for helping us out!

Upcoming Serving Focus Calendar:

June, 2019 - Buy a Cup of Coffee for a Nurse

July, 2019 - Purchase Newborn Baby Sleepers for UHH

August, 2019 - To Be Determined

September, 2019 - Welcome Students to RC Campus - Tailgate Party

October, 2019 - Halloween Candy

November, 2019 - Christmas Baskets

December, 2019 - Christmas Baskets

January, 2020 - Dodgeville Food Locker