Select an hour of your day and see how many minutes of that hour you can remember God at least once while you are going about your normal activities.  The goal is to create a new habit of including God in all that you do through-out the day.

For example, if you are at work, take out a piece of paper and for one hour make a tally mark for each time you thought about God and included him in what you were doing during.    Most likely, you will find that initial hour challenging and perhaps frustrating.  Keep trying, for as you practice this skill, it will become more natural and you will begin to see God moving in amazing ways in your life.  Below are some ideas to help you get started.


You may keep God in mind while passing people on the street. Offer a quick prayer for the people you see. A half-hour spent walking and praying for everyone you meet, instead of making you tired, will most likely give you a sense of energy.

Imagine yourself walking with Jesus by your side and engage in silent conversation with Him about the people you meet. For example, you could pray: ‘Lord, what can we do together for this man whom we are passing?’ Then we listen for what Christ may answer.


Have an empty chair at your table or work station and imagine Jesus sitting there and working with you.  You could also post an image of something that will turn your thoughts towards God such as a cross.  Seeing people as God sees them will help you remember to ask for His help as you interact with them.


As you go through-out your day and engage in ordinary conversation, consider the using the following tools to help you remember God's presence.

  1. Have a picture or symbol that reminds you of God to glance at regularly.
  2. Have an empty chair beside you and imagine that Jesus is sitting in it.
  3. Silently pray for each person in the circle.
  4. Keep whispering internally: ‘Lord, what are your thoughts? What would you have me say?’
  5. Tell your companions about your desire to remember God every hour.
  6. Pray and ask God to show you how you may be able to serve those you are in conversation with.


While reading a computer screen or book, read it to Him and continue a running conversation with Him inwardly about the pages you are reading. Have you ever opened a letter and read it with Jesus, realizing that He smiles with us in our pleasure, rejoices with us in the successes, and weeps with us in life’s tragedies? If you haven’t, you have missed one of life’s richest experiences.


When thinking deeply about a difficulty, how can you remember God? It can happen by forming a new habit. All thought employs silent words and is really conversation with your inner self. Instead of talking to yourself, you will begin to form the pattern of talking to Jesus. Many who have tried this find that we think so much clearer that we never want to try to think without Him again. We may be helped by perceiving Him sitting in a chair beside us, talking with us. We say out loud what we think Christ might say in reply to our questions. Thus we consult Christ about everything.


When you are alone outside, take time to look at all that God has created.  Every flower and tree, river and lake, mountain and sunset, is God speaking. So as you look at each lovely thing, ask God,‘Dear Father, What are you telling me through this and this and this?

If you have wandered to a place where you can talk aloud without being overheard, talk to Him out loud. Ask Him what is most on His heart and then listen for God to respond to you.

Of course we are not always sure what God may say.  God is infinitely more important than His advice or His gifts. Indeed, He Himself is the great Gift.  The most precious privilege in talking with God is the intimacy we can have with Him.


Place a picture, symbol or bible where you will see it as you fall asleep.  If you have been walking with Him during the day, you will find Him the dear companion of your dreams. Sometimes we will sense His tender touch. Usually we will feel no deep emotion, but will sense a ‘peace beyond understanding.’

The most wonderful discovery of all is, in the words of St. Paul, ‘Christ lives in me.’ He dwells in us, walks in our minds, reaches out through our hands, and speaks through our voices, If we seek and respond to His whisperings.

Adapted from The Game With Minutes, Frank C. Laubach, 1953

Note: Frank Laubach was a remarkable man who was a missionary to the Philippines, and the premier developer of teaching methods to address illiteracy in the world, which are still used today. He also wrote of his devotion to Christ. This chapter originally made a practical application of Brother Lawrence’s ‘Practicing the Presence of God’ by teaching how to remember God every minute.